How To Order
Fruit and Vegetable Deliveries In Perth

We operate a simple process for our customers.

On the order form you will see standard items; these come every week - unless there is something your household doesn’t eat, in which case it will be replaced with a different item.

For Vegies, fruit and salads, simply click the items you don’t like on the form and we'll make sure they are excluded from your orders, that way we are only supplying you with what you do like!

Our boxes are packed depending on what’s in season, of best quality, taste & value. The content will differ weekly (apart from the standard items)

If you require certain items every week, call us & we will customise your order to suit your needs. If you would prefer to order over the phone, or just want some further information, don’t hesitate to call – we’re happy to hear from you.

After your first delivery, we will contact you to see if the box size suited your household & if you would like to become a regular customer – either weekly or fortnightly.

We don’t put you on as a regular client, until we arrange it with you. One off orders are also welcome.

*Please phone 48hrs before delivery to notify of any changes or cancellations*

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Standard Items Included with Every Season Box.

Item Small / Medium box Large box Extra Large box
Apples / Bananas 700g 950g 1.2kg
Carrots 500g 700g 1kg
Lettuce 1 1 1
Onions 400g 600g 800g
Potatoes 1kg 1.5kg 2kg
Tomatoes 500g 700g 900g