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Introducing Honey & the Bees natural raw local honey!

‘Honey & The Bees’ - Natural, Raw Local Honey In Perth!

G'day, honey lovers! Welcome to Fruit n Vegies R Us, your one-stop shop for the sweetest, most authentic local honey Perth has to offer.

Our natural, raw honey – ‘Honey & The Bees’ is the real deal. Teaming up with Vice and Anita Yelash, who are also ex-growers from Carnarvon, we now supply you with their top-quality, locally-produced Perth honey. It's unprocessed, unheated, and unbelievably tasty. Straight from the hive to your home, it's the bee's knees of natural sweetness.

‘Honey & The Bees’ isn't your average supermarket honey – it's a taste of Perth's finest raw honey. Harvested from locations in and around Perth and Carnarvon, we give you great-tasting, well-balanced, flavourful honey Perth with its health benefits intact.

So, why not give our Perth honey a go? Whether you're drizzling it over your brekkie toast, stirring it into a soothing cuppa, or using it in your favourite recipes, ‘Honey & The Bees’ will surely hit the sweet spot. Remember, when you buy from Fruit n Vegies R Us, you support local bees and businesses. Now that's something to buzz about!

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Here at Fruit n Vegies r us we are environmentally conscious & like to recycle as much as possible. We ask all our customers to please help us by leaving your empty box out for collection, either at your front door or at your next delivery drop off. We and the environment would very much appreciate this.