Gift Boxes and Fruit Baskets
Delivered In Perth

Gift Boxes

Introducing our new Gift Boxes filled with delicious mouth watering fruits! A fantastic way to say thankyou to a mum, friend or a neighbour etc.

We are currently supplying businesses with fresh gift boxes in which they are enjoying the spoils of repeat business and word of mouth! Add a gift box to your sale and it will be your business the happy customer mentions to people.

We sell gift boxes at a discount price to businesses depending on the volume.

When considering our services we are only too happy to discuss our proposal and show you what we have to offer.

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Office Fruit Baskets

There is an increasing focus on health and well being in our daily lives. We currently supply fruit baskets to the workplace encouraging healthy eating.

Our office fruit baskets are filled with delicious, mouth watering fruits which benefit the business by increasing employee efficiency, encouraging healthy eating - minimises sick days, lifts motivation & most of all a fruit basket on the counter equals happy workers, customers & workplace.